Video: Que Viva la Vida, Zumba

Here is a dance video for your home fitness arsenal. It’s a short song, perfect for cooling it down after a tough routine.

Please note:

1. I live in a tiny apartment — Recently rearranged so that we have a little more room for activities.
2. The floor is super squeaky, so I’m trying to be as quiet as possible. I definitely don’t want my downstairs neighbors banging their brooms on the ceiling. (Yes, that has happened to me before.)
3. With that said, go bigger and dance harder than me. Take big steps.
4. I do not own any rights to this song. It’s simply used for motivation.

7 thoughts on “Video: Que Viva la Vida, Zumba

  1. Brittney Ludington says:

    Hi Emily,
    I just came across your blog the other day and its motivated me to eat healthier. Now I’m not a vegetarian because I just can’t seem to let go of meat and I don’t like tofu or beans, which I hear are good source of protein. Anyway, I admire that you I also just realized that I need to start working out again because I have gained too much weight in the past year and for me that’s a huge no no. So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for writing about health and sharing your passion with the rest of us. I wish I could take one of your Yoga classes because I love Yoga. Its such a great workout and it feels great. It’s my thing. I’m way too self-conscious for Zumba, at least in public, too much shaking. Lol. I just have never been one comfortable in front of people working out. Gyms scare me. So I tend to workout from home. I even used some of your yoga videos to help get me back into the game. And its hard because I can feel how weak my body is from not working out. It’s really frustrating. I even tried some Zumba and failed terribly. No room in my bedroom for that. But thank you again for inspiring me to change my lifestyle.

    Brittney L.

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