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Staying healthy and happy in our nation’s capital: The 30 day throw down


By Rachel Levine

Six months ago as I packed up my Bostonian bags in preparation for my move, I pondered how my life would change – new city, new job, new adventure. Per usual, I had high hopes for my first real world job, but similar to most facets of life, some of my expectations were met while others were not. For me, the real world involves a significant amount of time on my bum. I am well acquainted with my work computer and my cubicle is like a second home – not such a healthy scenario.

So how did I improve my immobile situation?

Down Dog Power Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga for over four years and my practice is a very important part of my life. Yoga is a broad term. Each yogi needs to find a studio and teachers that fit their style. When I encountered some unexpected time off in October, I explored my new community and found Down Dog Power Yoga. Down Dog’s positive atmosphere, emphasis on community and challenging classes put a spark in my post graduate life.

Now, I am very involved with Down Dog Power Yoga. I began by practicing regularly at the studio, then I became part of their Karma Krew (I help out around the studio two nights a week in return for unlimited yoga classes) and now I have accepted the next yogi challenge –

The Thirty Day Throw Down

Beginning last Saturday, I committed to practicing yoga every day for 30 days straight. Although I am an avid yogi, I have never practiced yoga for 30 consecutive days. Not only is the Thirty Day Throw Down a challenge and new experience, but I am guaranteeing that I will be practicing in the activity that keeps me healthy and happy for an entire month!


Follow my Thirty Day Throw Down on Twitter @Racheldaley01 #ddythrowdown and tweet me positive energy. :) Come February 8th, when I have completed the challenge, I will report back to Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

The moral of this story is find an activity that keeps you healthy and happy. Once you’ve discovered your niche, keep pushing yourself to the next level because nothing beats a good challenge and personal growth.

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