One week from today, I’m hosting my FIRST EVER Stay Healthy, Stay Happy potluck picnic. This will take place AFTER Zumba in Norman B. Leventhal Park on Wednesday, August 27 at 6:45pm.

This one was inspired by Lauren Fitz, as are  many of my dances. If you’re looking for someone to follow for choreography ideas or workout videos, Ms. Fitz is your girl. Here dances are fun, upbeat, sexy… and every one of her students has a huge smile on their faces the whole time they’re groovin’. Love it! Here is my version of Wiggle by Jason Derulo. We’ve been doing this one in… Read More

We started doing this one at the end of July/early August. Flex through your arms — maybe even make a fist — during the first move. Pull your bellybutton to your spine to engage your core throughout the dance and keep knees bent. The lunging move in the middle is a curtsy lunge. Step out right, cross your left foot behind your right, and then bend your knees to lunge. Like a… Read More

I have embarked on J+A’s 14-Day Whole Detox. What you can expect along the way are any recipes I’ve crafted, tips I’ve learned or major shifts I’ve seen in my body or attitude (even negative ones). The basics of the detox: Eat organic, whole foods that are free of any major allergens like gluten, dairy and soy. Yesterday I went food shopping — a big Whole Foods haul with a hefty price… Read More

Long time no-blog. There have been a lot of amazing things going on in my life the past few months. After getting back from my trip to Japan, I feel as though everything has been on fast-forward. I also attribute my blogging hiatus to my valiant effort to live in the NOW and make more time for friends, family and fun activities (more on that in a motivational post coming soon). One… Read More

It’s no secret, Eliza and I love The Handle Bar. Back in July (almost a year ago) we took a class together at the South Boston location after its June 2013 grand opening and Eliza took the lead and wrote a review of our experience. When the Fenway location opened last month — close to my neck of the woods — I was ecstatic! However, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that… Read More

Last weekend was a big humble sundae. The cherry on top of it all being Sunday’s Yoga Reaches Out yogathon at the Gillette Stadium Field House. The turf field was packed with 1,000+ yogis, creating a beautifully energetic atmosphere. I set out to raise the minimum fundraising amount of $250.00, never imagining I’d exceed that modest goal by $1,000. This was all made possible by my generous friends, co-workers and lovely family. All proceeds… Read More

Looking for a simple alternative to your normal breakfast? I’m a sucker for falling into a routine, even when it comes to my eating habits (which isn’t a BAD thing). Breakfast is almost always a bowl of hot oats or overnight oats when I’m on the run. I have found that oatmeal with a fruit (sugar) and protein component fuels me perfectly in the mornings, so I very rarely deviate. If I’m… Read More

Love running, jogging or walking? Tired of sore muscles and tight joints? Here’s how to use yoga for recovery and improved performance. Read the step-by-step sequence on Boston Magazine’s HubHealth blog:

Did you catch last week’s ActivewearUSA Magazine post? Before you lace up your sneakers for Zumba or another dance workout, check out these tips for finding the perfect shoe for your needs. Click the photo above to navigate there!


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